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eran falsas..y el aspirante a la nominacion republicana y gobernador de texas, rick perry, se convirtio en el hazme reir, al olvidarsele en pleno debate republicano el nombre del tercer departamento del gobierno federal que le gustaria eliminar.. simplemente dijo.. no me acuerdo del tercero.. lo siento.. yezmin thomas, telemundo quedese donde esta porque cuando regresemos...fue el aqo de libertad en el medio oriente con la caida de varios dictadores... en mexico la violencia escalo a un nivel nunca antes visto...el mundo de los deportes se detuvo a raiz de paros laboralesy bodas reales, romances candentes y divorcios sensacionales, el mundo del espectaculo estuvo en candela... esto y mucho mas al regresar en "las noticias del aqo 2011" despues de casi un decada, el 19 de diciembre de este aqo, llego a su fin la guerra en iraq... un conflicto que resulto en la muerte de miles de soldados... ante la sorpresa del mundo, el dictador kim jong il, de corea del norte, fallecio... en su lugar, su hijo kim jong un, tomara las riendas de poder... una noticia que sin duda, estaremos monitoreando e
go to texas . have texas lost to take everything to santa fe, and he will deal with the demands that says the texas republican came in to the union. i have to ask if all of you have so funds, could you please turn off. thank you. this texas came into the union the debts from the texas republican. texas is demanding that the united states government bailout texas because texas is in bankruptcy. by the way, we will do this. the first federal bailout in american history is texas. i wish that somebody would teach governor perry of texas now. as he talks about secession and running for president the same time. i want to know what country. taylor would deal with these one of the time. in the senate, however, henry clay, the grand old man of american politics has a different idea. he hates taylor. he hates taylor because he thought he should have been the weak nominee in 1848. he does not understand how this of star politician who never did anything suddenly is president rather than henry clay has earned it. and his plan is to run congress and force what he calls an omnibus bill which
from that map of iowa, ron paul. he says he'll ring in the new year at home in texas. >>> two fresh faces you will see in iowa, cnn's political editor paul steinhauser and political director mark preston. they are both out at our forward operating base in des moines. paul, it's down to the last few hours there. good to see you with that beautiful backdrop behind you. break it down for me, what is the logic behind the two front-runner strategies, is ron paul heading back to texas this weekend? mitt romney not leading after spending a whole lot of time in iowa in the first place. >> good question. that's surprising to people. there's the state capital behind me. let's start with romney. he was right here yesterday, spent about 24 hours in new hampshire. new hampshire is an important state for him. doing quite well in the polls. when he left yesterday he left campaign keys to his bus in good hands. chris christie, new jersey governor, big surrogate for romney and his wife ann. he's coming right back here. the romney campaign felt we can escape for 12 to 24 hours. we've got top surrogat
today. he's back in texas. and he's going to be spending new year's eve and new year's day with his wife. campaign says ron paul will be right back here monday morning and he will be campaign, his son, senator rand paul of kentucky. one thing about this, it is odd. why wait just two or three days before the caucuses? but you know, you've seen these, e.d. ron paul's supporters here. >> thanks so much for joining us. >>> later this hour, i'll break down the iowa caucuses. be sure to join us. and do you want to hear the candidates? sound bites you can get anywhere. you can flip the channels, get them any place. however, if you really want to hear their positions, how they think, what they've got to say in total, join cnn chief political correspondent candy crowley. she is live in iowa and her show is going to be called the contenders 2012. it comes your way at 2:00 eastern. if you're interested in the political process, this is something you really shouldn't miss. >>> tomorrow night, join anderson cooper at the last minute push for iowa vote. it's countdown to iowa, the final 48 hours. chec
aeropuerto de texas. cuando pasaba por un punto de detecciÓn se detectó un paquete, se interviny se detuvo al hombre. se ordenÓ evacuar el Área de embarque y lase las autoridades no dieron mÁs detalles. >> un presunto atacante quemÓ un vehÍculo luego de casi 35 incendios en los Últimos dÍas deliberado. entre 7 y 8 vehÍculos ardieron el sÁbado. las autoridades de los Ángeles ofrecen recompensa por almenos 35 mil dÓlares a cambio de informaciÓn que lleve a la captura del piromano u los piromanos. ♪ >> a 4 dÍas de la asamblea primaria los pre candidatos llegan sin un claro favorito. durante los Últimos dÍas los aspirantes enfilad baterias para atacarse. se daba en primer lugar a... en un tercer lugar... se tomÓ un respiro para pasar la fiesta con sus familias. >> mientras tanto el presidente obama promulgÓ el sÁbado nuevas y duras sanciones contra el banco central. en un movimiento que podrÍa increnmentar la tensiÓn. las medidas que pretenden castigar a la repÚblica islÁmica por su programa nuclear... segÚn las autoridades firmada por obama el mandatario tiene fuertes re
there for us to discuss as texas a&m takes on northwest. ryan tannehill passes to jeff fuller for the touchdown. the emotion was running high in that 33-22 decision for texas a&m. >> nice win for the aggies against the big ten. cincinnati taking on vanderbilt. >> right out of the gate. throws for the touchdown. gives cincinnati the lead. vanderbilt comes back. spencer, you used to do this, following the blockers in spencer, you used to do this, following the blockers in there. he is going to look into the end zone. what a pass. catches the ball just like willie mays used to. >> mike johnson there as well. pass intercepted and he put its back 39 yards for the touchdown here. penn state, the search continues for a head coach. after repeatedly staying he would remain the head coach of the titans mike muncha k's struggling with the decision. if muncha k's heart is torn about being the man to fix and make it better. the situation should be resolved during the week. >> mike munchak was a former teammate of mine with the houston oilers. the one thing you would consider, bud adams is 88 years of age. h
on this event tonight on 11 news. a controversy christmas display has people in one texas neighborhood fired up. we will tell you if a homeowner says it is supposed to mean. [cheers and applause] you did not sleep through new year's eve. for parents with young children [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] >> the prime minister of iraq declared december 31 a national holiday to mark the end of the u.s. presence in the country. the prime minister called a new dawn for iraq and said the country was now free. he called on the iraqi people to preserve sovereignty and unity. the last u.s. troops withdrew earlier this month as part of a security agreement. controversial holiday display has some people in texas riled up. neighbors near the home say it was disgusting and unnerving. it was a life-size santa hanging from a noose in a tree. the homeowner said the display was to send a message that christmas is about more than santa. the display has been taken down after complaints. >> for that, we're all thankful. there was some fund today. we will check on that coming up in sports. >>
by the company he keeps. and there is no finer example than the first lady of texas, anita perry. she is a native of a small town, a professional nurse, has been so for 17 years and just about the best asset that the governor has. so i hand it over to the first lady of texas. anita perry. >> thank you. good morning, everybody. thank you, ruth. great to be in fort dodge, iowa, where i understand i can get a great cup of coffee at bloomers. so thank you. thank you all for joining us today. we're so excited to be here. we've had a great trip. we're going to finish strong in iowa. i want to tell you a little bit about a man i've known since i was years old. we dated for 16 years, we've been married for 29. we have our children with us today and i just want to say that there's not a lot about rick perry that i don't know. it's new year's eve. my new year's resolution is going to be i'm going to do everything i can to help get a true leader, a conservative leader elected to the presidency of the united states. [applause] he volunteered for the air force after he graduated from texas a&m. i'm so proud
of rainfall to july where the year-long drought in texas hit its worst month. on top of it, parched landscape. wildfires. over 4 million acres burned. $50 billion worth of losses in terms of agriculture. in august, we shifted gears to the hurricane. hurricane irene, record flooding across the northeast, eastern seaboard. killed 43. billions of dollars in damages. october, it was snow time again. the target was mainly in the northeast. killed 13 people. left 1.6 million without power. many people in connecticut, you remember this, without power for weeks, almost a month in locations. it was basically weather taking people back to the stone age. >> taking them back to their parents' house. i know a lot of folk whose moved out because they didn't have power for weeks. >> rendered helpless because of the elements, in this day and age, all of this technology, still at the mercy of mother nature. >> tempting to move back home. mom does your laundry. >> some good things. >> that's about it. why do you think 2011 was so bad? just coincidence? the trifecta of conditions, was there something else? >> f
-span.org/campaign2012. >> now the author of greenback planet and david greater appearing at the texas book festival to talk about their book. there are audience questions for just over an hour. >> fabulous to see such a crowd. the wonder of it has to do with the fact that the dollar might be relevant topic. we are really lucky to have two fabulous prolific writers with us today. what two topics could be more relevant than to talk about the decline in this climate of economic crisis? david graeber and h. w. brands to talk about their new books. i am assuming we won't have any trouble getting questions from the audience and let me do some housekeeping things first because i am hoping when you are all done over here you will go back in that tent and buy the books and the book signing tend, 15 minutes after the end of the session, the authors will sign their book at the book signing tend. one thing about the festival. i don't know about you guys but this is my favorite festival. i love south by southwest. [applause] i have never seen anything like it. the people who put this on our doing large work. th
candidate on the trail today, texas governor rick perry. we thought he was the front-runner when he jumped into the race back in august. but after slip-ups in the debate, he's seen his numbers drop. he will be across the state today trying to make those final pitches. michele bachmann is going on be campaigning today, the congresswoman from neighboring minnesota. e.d. >> you mentioned a lot of people. two candidates apparently have not made appearances so far in iowa today. who is that? >> yeah. you know what? they're actually the front-runners in iowa according to the latest polls. starting with mitt romney, where was he this morning in last nigh? new hampshire. new hampshire goes second in the primary caucus calendar. he was in hampton this morning reaching out to voters. he's coming back here later today to see the caucuses. while he was gone, he had two high profile surrogates stumping for him here in iowa. his wife and a guy called chris christie. with the other person who is not here and is not here at all this weekend is ron paul, congressman from texas. he's back home. he's going t
family in texas. >>> meanwhile, a man in texas was detained today for taking military-grade explosives into an airport. it happened at the midland international airport just before 9:30 this morning. a city spokesperson said the explosives were found as a man was going into the terminal. the fbi took the man into custody but would not make any further comments. a sweep of the airport was performed and all operations are back normal tonight. >>> still ahead, why it's about to get more expensive to go shopping in montgomery county. >>> plus, the rush is on. why you might call this super saturday for thrift stores. >>> taking a look at the new year's celebration in sydney, australia. fireworks lit up the sky over the famous sydney opera house and sydney bridge. [ monica ] i'm away on a movie shoot and it hasn't been going exactly as planned. cut. cut! [ monica ] i thought we'd be on location for 3 days -- it's been 3 weeks. so i had to pick up some more things. good thing i've got the citi simplicity card. i don't get hit with a fee if i'm late with a payment... which is good because on t
. >>> authorities say two dogs escaped a yard and went into a neighbor's property in texas. where two horses were injured. doctors say the horses are expected to survive the incident is under investigation. >>> and frightening moments for a family in rhode island when a baby fell into a bucket of baur and bleach. authorities say the mother found the baby's head sub merged. rescue workers -- things didn't look too good. >> i heard screaming and then i heard the sirens come and then i just saw them pull the baby out with just a baby. didn't look good. i was worried. >> authorities are treating this as an accident. they say the boy is in the hospital and has shown signs of improvement. >>> verizon is making big changes after announcement yesterday caused a lot of outrage. yesterday they wanted to add a $2 convenience fee for credit card payments over the phone and on line. now the company is scrapping that plan. the statement today says feedback prompted the decision to develop the idea. >>> most folks will remember 2011 because of the crazy weather we had and we had a lot of it. >> when you think a
to discuss as texas a&m takes on northwest. ryan tannehill passes to jeff fuller for the touchdown. the emotion was running high in that 33-22 decision for texas a&m. >> nice win for the aggies against the big ten. cincinnati taking on vanderbilt. >> right out of the gate. throws for the touchdown. gives cincinnati the lead. vanderbilt comes back. spencer, you used to do this, following the blockers in spencer, you used to do this, following the blockers in there. he is going to look into the end zone. what a pass. catches the ball just like willie mays used to. >> mike johnson there as well. pass intercepted and he put its back 39 yards for the touchdown here. penn state, the search continues for a head coach. after repeatedly staying he would remain the head coach of the titans mike muncha k's struggling with the decision. if muncha k's heart is torn about being the man to fix and make it better. the situation should be resolved during the week. >> mike munchak was a former teammate of mine with the houston oilers. the one thing you would consider, bud adams is 88 years of age. h
nature. you have family from texas watching this morning. >> i said because the texas girl came up to d.c., i brought the warm weather with me. >> thank you. you know what happens a little bit of northern muscle is going to flex back in. we're going to plummet once we ring in the new year. come sunday evening. so we want to give everybody heads up about that. we're good to go. the weather outside is pretty nice. we have very comfortable 50s out there. rub your eyes and do a double take. 51 is what it is at reagan national. the wind is out of the weft northwest light at 3 miles per hour. we have a few rain drops passing over the metro pal tan area skirting across frederick and montgomery counties. we'll zoom in closer along i-70 that's where the heaviest rain is. i suspect these showers will pass on through this morning and leave us alone. one more batch off to the west. most likely will dry out before they make their way here. as you make your plans on this last day of 2011. 8:00 mostly cloudy skies. 48. we'll be up to 57 by 1:00. 55 at 6:00. today's high 59 with a 62 for fredericksburg
me something, you're from texas. what is the typical new year's eve weather forecast like where you're from? >> i'm from texas, my family is from mexico. so i spent over the holidays in mexico. it's typically pretty mild. cold for us is probably 50, 45. >> so it will cold tonight, but by our standards it's going to be pretty mild around here. so welcome. we have a fantastic weather forecast as we head through new year's eve tonight and through new year's day. late tomorrow evening that's when everything changes. let's enjoy it while we have it. we enjoy having your company, too. let's take a look outside. 50s on the map at reagan national we're at even 50. the humidity is 77%. not much in the way of winds. they're registering calm at the moment. as we look around at the numbers, we still have a pocket of 30s up there. normally where we get some colder air stuck out towards cumberland and haguerstown. mid 50s in fredericksburg. 43 to our west on this said morning. here's what you should be expecting. no problems today. a nice warm up into the 50s. even some 60s this weekend. no probl
-- >> upstairs. >> the rest of it. >> okay. >> he's the nation's senior governor of a big state. >> texas. >> okay. thank you, howard fineman, just kidding. a lot of smart people in texas, i was going to say liberals but that would be pushing. thank you, susan page. how much these have you covered? >> my ninth caucuses. >> we are brigadoon characters, aren't we? we come out here every four years. coming up, why don't evangelical voters get in line behind one candidate? i don't know why we're encouraging this. if they get behind santorum rather than splitting their vote among perry, bachmann and gingrich and the rest of them, they won't have clout out here. we're teaching evangelicals how to have more political clout. we're out here at java joe's. i caught up with romney voters today. watch. how do you see the vote on tuesday in the caucuses? >> i don't need my president to be my moral compass or religious compass, i need him to take care of my paycheck, and that's why i'm out here supporting romney. [ other merv ] welcome back to the cleaning games. let's get a recap, merv. [ merv ] thank
of texas. so rick santorum is not shrinking from the fight. he also had a little bit of a shot at mitt romney saying to iowans, don't settle for something less just because you think that is what is going to win in this upcoming general election. so he's starting to sharpen the edges just a little bit. but he's sticking with the retail politics kind of message. he's hoping that's going to deliver him on caucus night, candy. >> jim acosta, i should point out one of the reasons reporters love iowa is that in general, you can show up at an event with a candidate and say, come on over here and talk to me and they actually do. after this, they get much bigger and it's hard to get to them. >> reporter: that's right. that's true. we'll take what we can get. >> thanks so much to jim acosta. you're absolutely right. thank you so much to jim and to joe. >>> coming up, political analyst ron brownsstein joins me to talk more about mitt romney's day. >>> welcome back to "the contenders 2012." we're taking the time this afternoon to let you hear from the 2012 presidential contenders, basically unfil
conservative. you've got rick perry, texas governor who has been working very hard for christian conservatives and has a big ad blitz that's been on the air for a month talk being his faith. newt gingrich, who has won the endorsement of influential christian conservatives in the last couple of days. and michelle bachmann, who was the winner of the ames straw poll and has had a really tough time in the polls and raising money of late. but quite popular with evangelical conservatives. all are vying for the christian conservative vote. what happens in the churches tomorrow could help persuade voters about that. and if the christian conservative vote in iowa coalesces behind one candidate, look out. mitt romney and ron paul could be facing a real upset. >> real leadership is not from me. it's prosecute you. what we've seen in the polls happen is because iowans had gone down and we can look at our web site, it's overwhelming from iowa. iowa is not the biggest state in the country, yet, we have had more people visit our web site from iowa than any other place. why? you're doing your homework. you're
this weekend to texas, instead of campaigning in iowa, add all of that up, it's clear why mitt romney is doing well in the state and why he may win on tuesday fight. >> thank you very much. >>> president obama is not letting the republican candidates have all the fun. he plans on getting into the act on the same day iowans cast the first vote. the president will address iowa democrats live on tuesday night. iowa then gave the then senator obama a big leg up when he won the caucuses there in 2008. >>> a lot of folks plan to travel today and party tonight. reynolds is here to tell us about the we're. hello. >> good to finally work with you. >> and in the same studio, how exciting. >> well, today our weather won't be too amazing, compared to last year. today it looks like it will be mild. you look along the eastern seaboard, scattered showers across parts of the northeast. residual snow showers in pennsylvania, but before the night is over, a great and mild pretty much day and evening in the northeast. plenty of sunshine, texas. the full scoop and what it will mean for your travel weather coming
the ames straw poll and sees herself in jeopardy of losing the caucuses in dead last. because texas governor completing his four tour by bus, has spent more money and super pack has spent more money and perry is trying to make sure that he gets that last ticket out of iowa. there is only three. there is a lot of candidates, there has to be a four because it's such a jumble heading to the finish than. >> heather: no clear way ahead. thank you very much, carl. >> gregg: new poll numbers showing rick santorum moving into the top tier in iowa. according to the latest rear clear average of polls, santorum is trailing mitt romney and ron paul, tied at 14%. santorum spending more so is santorum surge hitting just the right time. let's bring in john fund to talk about it. happy new year. santorum's trajectory is in the right direction. time is quickly running out. do you think he can pull off a huckabee and surprise everybody with a victory? >> it's happened in iowa before. ask hour dean that was toppled by john kerry in 2004 democratic iowa caucuses. everybody in iowa votes on election day
carolina, tennessee, texas, wisconsin. all five states all controlled by republican legislatures have made it harder for citizens to vote. in south carolina's case, the justice department's actually stepped in to block the new voter i.d. law. they say it will suppress voter turnout among minorities. according to the doj, 82,000 minority citizens in south carolina are registered to vote but lack the kind of identification the new law requires. these voters are nearly 20% more likely to be disenfranchised by this change than are white voters. now, the department of justice can do this. it can step in in south carolina's new law because of the voting rights act of 1965. under section 5 of the voting rights act, certain states, states with an egregious history of legalized racial discrimination and suppressing the my tinority vote, those sta must get something called preclearance. they're going to significantly alter their election laws. the department of justice has to sign off on it. south carolina is one of those states. kansas isn't. south carolina's republican governor, nickki haley, vowe
showing former massachusetts governor mitt romney duking it out with texas congressman ron paul for the top spot in iowa. former pennsylvania senator rick santorum surging into third place while former house speaker newt gingrich has now faded into fifth behind texas governor rick perry. similar results in the real clear politics average of recent polls. romney and paul fighting it out for the top spot with the other contenders well behind. of course, anything can happen in iowa. and the candidates are crisscrossing the hawkeye state right now. judging by turnout in the, past, perhaps about 4% of iowa's population will participate in the caucuses. or to put it another way, we are all currently focused on what four hundredths of 1% will focus on in iowa. may not sound in the past. iowa with make or break campaigns. although tuesday's showdown is just a small first step it's an important one. and on the path it could potentially lead all the way to the white house. we have live team coverage tonight with steve brown on the role of what conservative voters could play in all of this
. >> it really energizes me, the young people. >> brown: texas congressman ron paul was either tied for first or a close second. 41% in the nbc poll said his libertarian leaning makes him unacceptable. newt gingrich had been the iowa front-runner just a few weeks back but has fallen far behind. in des moines today, remembering his late mother's mental health problemes, he grew emotional. >> and my whole emphasis on brain science comes in directly from dealing with, uh-- of dealing with, you know, the real problems of real people in my family. and so it's not a theory. it's in fact, you know, my mother. >> this is very personal for me. it's not just political. it's not just public. >> brown: moment recalled hillary clinton's emotional moment just before the 2008 democratic primary in new hampshire. she went on to win there. back in iowa, former pennsylvania senator rick santorum continued pressing to add to his late surge. he's not running third. another former front-runner, texas governor rick perry, was running fourth or fifth, depending on the poll. >> the day that president obama came into
of a big state. >> but texas. just kidding! i was going to say liberals, but that would be pushing it. anyway, thank you, susan page. you know these -- how many of these have you covered? >> this is my ninth caucuses. >> we are brigadoon characters, aren't? >>> coming up, why don't evangelical voters get in line behind one candidate? i don't know why we're encouraging this, but if they get behind santorum instead of splitting their vote between perry, bachmann, gingrich and the rest of them, they won't have any clout. we're teaching evangelicals tonight how to have more political clout. we'll be back from java joe's in des moines. first, i caught up with some voters at that romney rally today, let's watch. >> tell me about your vote and how you see your vote next day in the caucuses. >> i feel like i don't need my president to be my moral compass or my religious compass, i need him to take care of my paycheck and that's why i'm out here supporting romney. what is it about taking a first step that we find so compelling? is it because taking a step represents hope? or triumph? at genwor
've learned that when you ask someone in texas if they want "big" savings on car insurance it's a bit like asking if they want a big hat... ...'scuse me... ...or a big steak... ...or big hair... i think we have our answer. geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. >>> incredible years for blockbuster trials. casey anthony accused of killing her 2-year-old daughter and then found not guilty. and amanda knox her conviction was overturned. >>> coming up, we will take a wm÷
to texas for the holiday weekend. his supporters looking to distance him from decades-old racist news letters published under his name released this new video, touting dr. paul's care for a biracial couple in the 1970s. >> when ron paul came to my rescue, he just stepped in and went to work with my wife. >> reporter: also saturday, newt gingrich the target of an aggressive advertising blitz that's caused his poll numbers to plummet e-mailed supporters attacking the media and asking for money. still to be determined, whether gingrich's show of emotion friday speaking about his late mother's illness will help the former house speak connect with undecided voters. >> um she was dealing with the real problems of real people in my family. >> reporter: michele bachmann is struggling to regain the momentum that won her the ames straw poll last summer. >> we did this together! rick santorum is enjoying the attention that's come with his recent surge among conservatives. on friday looking to win fans wearing gear from iowa's rival universities at consecutive events. and rick perry fighting to o
in texas to, his family. and mitt romney is already in the next state to vote. he's made it very clear that he expects to be the nominee. more than 1200 miles away in new hampshire, mitt romney was already focusing on the next primary state friday night. >> i want you to bring friends to the voting booth. i want it loud and clear message. >> reporter: earlier romney's message was reinforced by popular new jersey governor chris christie who offered iowa voters this playful jab. >> you don't do what you're supposed to do on tuesday for mitt romney, i will be back, jersey style, people. i will be back! >> reporter: romney deflected a question from andrea mitchell over whether he would release his tax returns. >> you know, if i become president, yeah, then i'll consider that. it's a little premature for me to be talking about that at this stage. >> reporter: is there some secret? people know you're wealthy. >> yeah, i understand. >> reporter: there's nothing to hide? >> i agree. nothing to hide. >> reporter: rick santorum tried to build on momentum he's gained. >> we're picking up. we have
. >> reporter: for "nightline," i'm jim sciutto in dallas, texas. >> something on the back of your head there, philip. thank you, jim. and thank you for watching abc news. and we'd like to thank all the amazing people whose names you're about to see. their blood, sweat tears and smarts that made "nightline" the number one show in late night again. and we all hope you have a happy new year, america.
fighting to close down oil production in west texas around midland where my friends live and trying to shut it down because of a tiny lizard hardly anyone has seen and-- >> i have one more thing though that is going to be important in this decision making about this keystone xl pipeline, the price people pays, and it was a new record. and in an election year, i don't know how you side step trying to do something about improving the amount of energy that we produce in this country or at least we get from people who like us. >> and adam, i've got to go back to you. listen, dagen, i think laid it out perfectly. it's an economic issue, it's an idea that we can get this gas from a friendly neighbor and create amazing amount of jobs in this country with just the signing of the paper saying, okay, keystone, let's go for it. >> well, i think we could have a news alert. dagen gave us a hopeful data point. if people are spending more than ever on the gasoline this year, the economy is doing better than we might have thought. >> no, gas is more expensive than a year ago, that's the point of the segmen
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